Lucuma Powder


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Made in Peru

Net Weight 250g

Incan Superfood
Natural Sweetener
Low GI | Raw | Vegan | Gluten Free | Non-GMO

Lucuma powder is a milled, dried version derived from the lucuma fruit. It is aptly called the “Gold of the Incas.”

Being abundant in vitamins, minerals, and protein, lucuma brings powerful benefits to you, including supporting your skin health, blood sugar levels, and even cardiovascular health. It also provides a good amount of fibre which helps maintain a healthy gut. Its nutty, butterscotch, maple-like flavour makes it a perfect natural sweetener. Diabetics and those who wish to ditch processed sugar can turn to lucuma powder for its host of super benefits! Have fun in the kitchen with this adaptable powder that blends and dissolves in seconds.

Adding lovely, creamy finish to mixtures, Lucuma is a superfood that can be used as a natural sweetener in soups, syrups, beverages, and desserts such as ice-creams and pies!

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