Maca Powder


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Made in Peru

Net Weight 350g

Hormone Balancing
Low GI | Raw | Vegan | Gluten Free | Non-GMO
Expiry: Jun 2023

Ditch the endless rounds of coffee and turn instead to Maca for a healthy morning pick-me-up! Known as Peruvian ginseng or ‘Inca’s fountain of Youth,’ Maca is one of the world’s most nutritionally dense foods. It is considered an adaptogen – a rare species of plants that raise the overall life force energy of those who consume it. Its consumption prior to any athletic performance is highly recommended!

Another notable benefit is its ability to balance hormones in women and increase stamina in men. In addition, Maca is a great source of iodine and iron, which can help regulate one’s metabolism.

It carries an earthy flavour that makes it a great addition to savoury meals such as soups and gravies. Prepare a nutritious smoothie with fruits and Maca to improve your energy levels and endurance during a workout. Whip up a lip-smacking batch of pancakes, cookies, waffles, or truffles with Maca. You’ll love how this ingredient elevates a dish with its earthy flavour!

Category: Raw