Quinoa Salted Chips


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Made in Peru

Net Weight 100g

Gourmet Artisan Snack
Omega 6 & 9
High in Oleic Sunflower Oil
Made with Natural Quinoa | Rice & Quinoa

As a superfood, quinoa is a great alternative to regular grains. It is gluten-free, light, and chock-full of the good stuff! Ditch high-calorie, salty chips and enjoy munching on this delicious snack filled with fibre and protein.

We cannot get enough benefits from quinoa!
Get a nutrition boost with essential vitamins and minerals on the go or from the comfort of your home with these deliciously crunchy, flavourful quinoa chips.

There are many ways to enjoy snacking on these quinoa chips. You can pair them with a homemade dip, cheese fondue, or smoky sauce for a satisfying snack-a-thon!.

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